BLAZZARD by Cigma Magic
PRICE : $149.95
Fire has long been used as a catalyst to trigger subsequent magic effects. However, heating up objects to produce effects is more like a scientific experiment, rather than pure magic. For this reason, Cigma Magic and Jeff Lee invent Blazzard, an innovative device, which allows the magicians to utilize heat without the audience's awareness as if the fire comes from no where.

Blazzard is a miniature heater which can be attached to the body of magicians. The changeable outlets in different design help magicians adapt to various kinds of environment. The unique remote-control is handy to manipulate Blazzard. Depending on the performing conditions, magicians can switch between different controlling modes: pressing-button controlling and magnetic controlling. What's more? You do not even have to touch the remote-control; simply by your body movements, you can trigger Blizzard at your own will.

The product includes:
✔ Blazzard
✔ A remote control
✔ A rechargeable battery
✔ A charger
✔ The online tutorials
✔ A piece of heat-proof pad

Blazzard is a high-power device. Improper usages may lead to potential danger.
Please refer to online tutorials before using; do not disassemble or modify Blazzard by yourself.