Cups and Drinks by Lucian
PRICE : $35.00
Differing from the conventional water vanishing routine,

¡°Cups and Drinks¡± can make liquid disappear and reappear

without any chemical substances used in the process.

Thus, you can demonstrate the magical effect unlimitedly

according to your routine.

Besides, the principles and manipulation of ¡°Cups and Drinks¡± are foolproof.

It just takes few minutes to acquired mastery.

¡°Cups and Drinks¡± includes three sets of gimmicks,

a tutorial DVD, and six white paper cups for changing or going with other routines.

You may spend roughly 3 to 5 minutes fixing the gimmicks by yourself after receiving the product.


Could be applied on any kind of liquid.

Works without any chemical substances.

Could be repeatedly demonstrated for countless times.