Cloud 9 by Shin Lim
PRICE : $149.95
Cloud 9 is an innovative smoke device with delicate design operating on a
cutting-edge method. The sensitive smoke generating reaction let you create your arts at any time and in any place, bringing the unprecedented sensation to the crowds.

The smoke would be emitted from the spray head of Cloud 9. The size of the spray head is about the size of a match head, so it is easy to be set on any favorable place. By a length of invisible wire, the spray head is connected to the battery case (5cmX2.5X2.5). The separation of the spray head and the battery case not only makes lots of applications attainable, but gives broader range for your body movements.

In addition to the structure and the working methods, the most distinct difference between Cloud 9 and other traditional smoke-emitters is the application on revealing prediction, "Smoky Transfer". It is this bonus that makes Cloud 9 a revolutionary smoke device, but a normal one.


♦No chemical reactions involved.
♦Smoky transfer can be performed with any smooth and transparent surface.
♦The high- quality lithium battery not only reduces the size of the device, but improves both its efficiency and safety.
♦The lithium battery can be charged through USB.
♦The supplement packed with the Equation products is sufficient for 500 uses.
♦Can be triggered by any controller in Equation Controller Set.

1. Please carefully read the instruction manual before using. For the design of Cloud 9 is revolutionary, so it is completely different from all the other smoke-emitters.
2. The length of the invisible wire attaching Cloud 9 is 80 cm, and the width is as thin as the kind of invisible thread used in stage magic. Thus, certain light condition is needed when the invisible wire is used in closed-up environment.