Glowbal by Cigma Magic
Glowbal, an innovative transformation of the classical balls act, incites more variations for balls manipulation with modern fashion.

Exquisite in design and practical in using, the special gimmick of Glowbal makes it works as split balls when conducting one-to-four split. Plus, the surface of Glowbal is coated with frictional material producing proper textural property and contact feelings for fluent manipulation.

Visualization is definitely the essence of stage act. The appealing light of Glowbal rolling between fingers would increase the unpredictability of your performance, exalting the magical vibe, accumulating the stimulation of sensational effects up to thrilling culmination.
PRICE: Color Changing
Single Color
(White, Blue, Green,
Red, Purple, Orange,
Ice blue)
1.75 inch single Ball $50 $30
1.75 inch 2 hemisphere NA $45
   2    inch single Ball $55 $35
   2    inch 2 hemisphere NA $50