Illumino by Cigma Magic
Magic wands have long been seen as an emblem of magicians for generations. But now, the old wooden magic wands are given new souls by Cigma Magic, and the souls would bring new life to your performance.

Illumino, the modern magic wands combined with colorful and splendid lights, could sharpen magician's swift moves, highlighting every exciting moment filled with applause. With an Illumino in hands, the magical effects would be heated to the utmost, making you the only the bright point onstage.

·The high-power LED driven by a lithium battery emits great illumination.

·The specially-designed switch facilitates the alternation of light-on and light-off when the wand is being vanished or conjured.

·The transparent acrylic tube reaching optical standard forms high-quality surface, radiating equal distribution of lights.

·The two ends of Illumino are cladded in frictional texture.

·Charge via USB.

              Grab an illumino. Be ready to light up your audience!